Lucania Film Festival

A few months after the successful experience in Paris of the Lucania Film Family, thought to promote the Lucanian area through an actual cultural and cinematic ‘door to door’, it’s once again time for Lucania Film Festival, one of the most popular and enduring festival of independent cinema on the international scene, as well as being a bastion in Southern Italy for a cultural reflection on the state of cinema, the world’s emergencies or simple slices of everyday life stories from all continents.

Lucania Film Festival 2011
Lucania Film Festival 2011

The festival, organized by Allelammie, with its range of films, debates, discussions, exhibitions, concerts, meetings with filmmakers, experts, writers and the formula which combines severity and dissemination activities, entertainment and social commitment, has emerged as a key event for those who want to be informed on the world production of independent films and to participate in the cultural debate in the country.

Everything is well integrated in the context of geographical and cultural community that is hosting the event. Lucania, Pisticci and other locations. In the wake of continuity, this year the Lucania Film Festival will present a rich program of proposals.

Lucania Film Festival
Lucania Film Festival

About 50 countries appear in Pisticci, representing the five continents. In addition to several European countries, there stand out also India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka for Asia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela for Central and South America, Senegal and Egypt for Africa, Australia for the Oceania and, as usual, the USA and Canada. During the Twelfth Edition, scheduled in Pisticci (in the province of Matera) from the 10th to 13th of August 2011, the 30 finalist films will be presented: all of them, beyond the issues addressed (social, environmental, emotional), incapsulate a great cinematographic value.

Pisticci, therefore, is preparing to once again become the capital city for Lucanian cinema, being so ready to welcome filmmakers, film makers, artists, designers, cultural tourists and cinema fans from around the world, including France, place of the first stage for the spin-off Lucania Film Family.


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