The Peer Raben Music Award

The soundtrack of Tino Schwanemann’s “Africa Light – Gray Zone” has been nominated for The Peer Raben Music Award by Soundtrack Cologne. Steffen Greisiger’s fantastic work finally finds its recognition, that makes us very proud and we keep our fingers crossed!

Excerpts on Youtube:


PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD at SoundTrack_Cologne 7.0

SoundTrack_Cologne again awards the prize for the best music in a short film for young upcoming composers – the PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD.

Soundtrack Cologne 7.0

For the PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD which has been awarded for the first time in 2009 we are looking again for the best music to a short film. Awarded will be film scores where the relationship between the narration and the music and sound is innovative and dramaturgically clear. The film music must mainly have been written for the film.

Oscar-winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek is the special guest of SoundTrack_Cologne 7.0

When Jan A.P. Kaczmarek moved to the US from Poland in 1989 he could already look back at a career as an award-winning musician and composer for theatre. It was in the theatre that, initially, he succeeded in his new home country but soon the US movie industry discovered the skills of the composer who describes making music and composing as his personal religion. Following films such as LOST SOULS (2000), UNFAITHFUL (2002) and large-scale TV productions like WAR AND PEACE (2007) or THE KARAMAZOV BROTHERS (2009) he received the film music Oscar in 2005 for his score to Marc Forster’s film FINDING NEVERLAND. Kaczmarek, who has worked with major directors like, for example, Lasse Hallström, Agnieszka Holland, Lajos Koltai, Adrian Lyne and Janusz Kaminski, is the founder of the film music teaching institute Rozbitek on the German-Polish border.

SoundTrack_Cologne 7.0 will focus on the work of Jan A.P. Kaczmarek in workshop talks, screenings with live commentary and a masterclass. Additionally, Kaczmarek will chair the jury of the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD.